What is Double Helix Water?

Let’s begin with what it’s not. You may have heard of Kangen water, structured water, and ionized water. Double Helix Water® is none of these. Double Helix Water isn’t treated in any way and is present in its natural state. Yet it behaves entirely different from ice, liquid water or water vapor. 


Water can exist as a gas, liquid or solid. In each of these phases, it’s made up of the exact same molecules; only the space between the hydrogen and oxygen changes. This is the part that gets interesting. The fourth phase of water, where space doesn’t change as the temperature changes, defies the historical classification of water. Double Helix Water is composed of stable water clusters that, when present in water, combine into Double Helix structures, similar in shape to DNA. That’s why it’s called Double Helix Water.  You might wonder why this phase of water has never been discovered before. The fact is, it couldn’t have been found without the advent of the Atomic Force Microscope, which can view the world of atoms. To further complicate the matter, finding this tiny particle in a drop of water is like finding one blade of grass that’s being swirled around in a tornado. Double Helix Water was an undiscovered form or phase of water. As the researchers began photographing this stable water cluster, they saw it attach to a bacterium and cause it to die. Because of this phenomenon, Dr. Benjamin Bonavida did a series of studies at UCLA where they found that stable water clusters could combine to form a new structure - the Double Helix.  Current research indicates that the stable water cluster in Double Helix Water somehow enables the expression of certain genes. It helps the DNA perform the job it’s intended to do. Double Helix Water is likely the most natural product ever found. It enhances and supports life and it tastes just like water!

How Double Helix Water Works

To be truly healthy, we need to not only look at a problem or sickness on the outside but we need to peel back layers and layers and go deep inside the body to find the root causes. We need to heal from the inside out. Illness is never simply one discrete process or dysfunction. It is a bundle—a patient’s whole life, from genetics to beliefs and how those influences are layered to create the thing we call disease. Fortunately for us, the body knows how to heal if we remove the impediments and provide the body with the proper tools and necessities it needs.

Start at the Foundation – The Cellular Level and Double Helix Water®

When a cell is unhealthy, only limited nutrients can penetrate the cell and only partial waste (toxins) exit, leaving the cell lacking necessary nutrients and holding excess toxins. When a cell is healthy, all necessary nutrients penetrate the cell and all waste (toxins) leave the cell, keeping the cell healthy and functioning properly. A cell membrane’s job is to protect the cell from its surroundings. The cell membrane is selectively permeable and able to regulate what enters and exits the cell. Permeability depends mainly on the electrical charge and polarity of the molecule. If the cell membrane’s voltage potential is too low, the cell will not function correctly due to the permeability of the cells being compromised - resulting in insufficient nutrients entering through the cell walls and not enough waste (toxins) properly exiting the cell. This results in a toxic and unhealthy cell.  Double Helix Water normalizes cell membrane voltage potential, which in return regulates proper cell function. Proper cell function helps unhealthy cells to become healthy again and work at their optimal level.

Healthy Cells and Proper Nutrition

It is all about nutrition when it comes to the body’s approximately 73 trillion cells that require clean air, water, and essential nutrients. The diet is our body’s only source for the raw materials it needs to perform its day-to-day functions. Every cell needs all six nutrient links to be healthy. For our cells to absorb nutrients, our bodies must have a healthy supply of all six links. Without this range of nutrients, the membranes in our cells can become brittle, develop holes (become leaky), and not be able to function properly. Cells are the foundation that makes up all the tissues and organs in our body. Healthy cells receiving essential nutrients results in healthy organs and tissues.